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( We specialize in a Moist, Delicious, Homemade Product that is pleasing to the last taste. )

* Delivery in Indiana County, Indiana, Pa.
and other local areas Northeast of Pittsburgh, Pa..

Wedding Cakes:

$1.65 /Serving (Whip Icing)

(Strawberry, Chocolate, Almond White, Fudge Marble, Yellow, Red Velvet, Orange, French Vanilla, Spice, Lemon)

Any Client having their Event at The Event Hall and providing a wedding cake service, please fill out and complete "The Event Hall page"

The Event Hall
Wedding Cake Page

Additional Options:
  • Butter cream Icing
$0.25 /Serving
  • Fresh Sugared Fruit
$0.40 /Serving
  • Fresh Seasoned Fruit
$0.30 /Serving
  • Premium Fillings
$0.45 /Serving
  • Fondant
$0.55 /Serving
  • Cake Jewelry / or Broaches
$15.00 /Flat Fee
  • Rhinestone Cake Wraps
$15.00 /Flat Fee
  • Ribbons
$0.25 /Serving
  • Gum Paste Edible Items
$0.50 /Serving

Wedding Cake

Filling Options:

Wedding Cakes & Standard & Wedding Cupcakes
  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry
  • Apple
  • Apricot
  • Cherry
  • Black Raspberry
  • Raspberry
  • Bavarian Cream
  • Coconut Cream
  • Lemon
  • Peach
  • Pineapple

Standard Cupcakes:

  • Iced Cupcakes
$8.00 /Dozen
  • Iced Cupcakes w/ Fillings - see below
$10.00 /Dozen

Wedding Cupcakes:

  • Iced Cupcakes
    w/ White Pearls
$12.00 /Dozen
  • Iced Cupcakes
    w/ Fillings - see below
13.50 /Dozen
  • Garnish Chocolate Monograms - Add
$0.65 /Person more
  • Edible Mini Gum Paste Items - Add
$0.65 /Person more

Gourmet Cupcakes:

  • $1.85 /each w/ a minimum order of 2 Dozen.
  • Cupcake Flavors: (Check back)




NOTE: All Cupcake orders are subject to a 2 Dozen minimum order.

Cuupcake Tower cupcakes

Cheesecake Wedding Cakes:


* Cheesecake Wedding Cakes: $3.25 /person
* "Petite" Cheesecake Wedding Cakes: $2.25 /person
  • Flavors:
  • * * * (Check Back) * * *
  • Garnish w/ Sugared Mint Leaf & Fresh Fruits -                            Add
$0.40 /Person
  • Garnish w/ Plain Premium Fresh Fruit -                                               Add
$0.30 /Person
  • Garnish w/ Pics of Fresh Flower (Color Choice) -                       Add
$0.40 /Person
  • Rent a Stand Fee
Must Select a Rental Stand Item
for Cheese Cakes.
Photo of
  • 2" Miniature Cheesecakes
    Topping Choice - see below
$8.00 /Dozen
  • 3.5" Decorative Cup Cheesecakes
    Topping Choice - see below
$10.00 /Dozen
  • Cheesecakes Cupcakes
    Topping Choice - see below
$13.50 /Dozen

NOTE: Minimum 2 Dozen Order Required

"Dummy" Fake Wedding Cakes:

Every Dummy Wedding Cake is personally designed to your special Event. Save Money, and show off your Masterpiece! The Dummy Fake Wedding Cake looks REAL!

They are designed and dressed with Fondant Icing and cake enhancements. It is also a nice Keepsake Item for all couples!

3 - Tier Dummy Wedding Cake $1.10 /Serving
4 - Tier Dummy Wedding Cake $1.25 /Serving
5 - Tier Dummy Wedding Cake $1.40 /Serving

NOTE: There is an 8" Fresh Cake for couple's Ceremonial cutting. Sheet Cakes are served for all guests. Sheet cake flavors: (same). . .
Sheet Cake Icing: Whip or Buttercream

$50.00 Security Deposit is required upon ordering any Cakes. The Security Deposit will be returned when all cake props are returned. The Security Deposit is non-refundable upon any default or cancelation by a client. A Consultation Office Visit is required when ordering cakes.

Delivery Charge: $20.00 Flat fee up to 15 miles.
$1.25 a mile over 15 miles, Includes Set-Up.

Payment Policy: Full Payment 15 Days before date of Event.

* ( ALL Products is available for Delivery or Pick-Up. ) *

"Creating Your Event to be Hassle Free."